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At Chuck Chops, I offer a diverse range of tree care services tailored to the unique needs of your landscape and its resident trees. My commitment to professionalism, safety, and customer satisfaction makes me a reliable choice for all your tree-related needs.

Working with a seasoned team, I operate throughout Cornwall, delivering services such as tree felling, pruning, hedge cutting, stump grinding, and various types of reductions. As a dedicated tree care provider, I emphasize the importance of regular maintenance to ensure both the health and aesthetic appeal of your trees and landscape.

Moreover, as an experienced freelance climber, I bring a wealth of knowledge from diverse landscapes and ecosystems. Equipped with a complete climbing kit and professional certification, my dedication to providing high-quality work ensures that your trees are in capable hands.

Whether it’s your fruit trees that need pruning to enhance their growth, or the removal of dead wood for safety or aesthetic purposes, I’ve got you covered. I also offer hedge maintenance services and stump grinding, efficiently transforming any stump into dust to free up space in your garden.

My services are designed to elevate your garden to new horizons. So, don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation. Operating in numerous towns and cities across Cornwall, even if your area isn’t listed, simply get in touch for a quote.

Climbing & Felling

Felling is taking down a whole tree from the base. This is dependent on the location and environment surrounding the tree.

Whether it is safe to do so would be clarified with the customer upon the quotation of the job.


Tree pruning is both beneficial for the aesthetics and the health of the tree; encouraging new growth, ideal for fruit trees especially.

Removing dead wood is of great importance to ensure the safety of any buildings/ persons/ livestock in the vicinity of the tree as it minimises the risk of loose limbs falling or snapping in adverse weather conditions.

Hedge Cutting

Hedges require regular maintenance and, if left can get out of hand. Shaping of hedges is not just beneficial to the health of the hedge, but aesthetically beneficial to the landscape.

Hedge Cutting Services

Stump Grinding

This is the last step to a full tree removal. These can be completed as a stand alone job by myself or as an additional step to the felling of a tree, to ensure no re growth in the future.

Using a machine, the stump will be ground to dust and taken away. Idea, for freeing up more floor space in your garden.


From all round reductions, to limb specific reductions… both can be completed.

Whether it be for the overall health or appearance of the tree, or perhaps to minimise the risk of damage to buildings or the environment surrounding.

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