About Chuck Chops

The name Chuck Chops originates from an old football nickname, and I loved climbing and chopping, so the two fit together. Chuck Chops.

tree climbing and felling

Chuck Chops: Founder

Charlton Harding

I’m 25 years old, originally from Stoke, but I moved to Newquay in August 2022 for the outdoor lifestyle and to be by the sea. I’m very outdoorsy and love to surf and do Jujitsu.

What I enjoy most about my job is how every day is truly different. My favourite ones require thought and a strategic plan to get the tree down safely.


My vision is to establish a company you can always count on. My aim is to foster an environment of trust, assuring you with complete certainty that I will deliver nothing but the highest quality service, thereby eliminating one less worry from your life.

Tailor-Made Solutions

I understand that every job comes with its own set of challenges, and I’m fully prepared to adjust my services to suit your specific requirements.

Whether you choose to keep the wood or wood chips, or you’d rather have them taken away, I’ve got it handled. No matter what your needs are, I’ll strive to make them happen.

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