Chuck Chops Tree Services

Tree management solutions for your home or commercial premises

We offer full arborist services specialising in tree pruning and tree removal

tree climbing and felling

Climbing & Felling

Felling is taking down a whole tree from the base. This is dependent on the location and environment surrounding the tree. Whether it is safe to do so would be clarified with the customer upon the quotation of the job.

Pruning & Reductions

Tree pruning boosts aesthetics and health, stimulating growth. By removing dead wood, it reduces risks to nearby buildings, people, or livestock from falling limbs during inclement weather. Various pruning techniques, including all-round or limb-specific reductions, can serve diverse needs like enhancing tree health or mitigating

Hedge Cutting Services

Hedge Cutting

Hedges require regular maintenance and, if left can get out of hand. Shaping of hedges is not just beneficial to the health of the hedge, but aesthetically beneficial to the landscape.

Stump Grinding

This is the last step to a full tree removal. These can be completed as a stand alone job by myself or as an additional step to the felling of a tree, to ensure no re growth in the future. Using a machine, the stump will be ground to dust and taken away. Idea, for freeing up more floor space in your garden.

Why Choose Us

Quality Work

Delivering meticulous attention to detail and professional expertise, quality is evident in every service provided. From detailed pruning to careful tree removal, each task is performed with precision and dedication.

Safe & Insured

Ensuring safety in every procedure and fully insured, peace of mind is guaranteed. From meticulous tree pruning to carefully managed tree removal, risk is minimised and protection maximised. A responsibly managed landscape is not just an assurance, but a commitment.


With a suite of certifications including Cross Cutting – CS30, Felling – CS31, Climbing – CS38, Aerial Cutting – CS39, Rigging -CS41, UA1, UA2 2.1 2.2 2.3, Chainsaw First Aid, and MEWP 3A/3B, qualifications are not just presented, but practiced. Every task, whether it be a simple pruning or a complex tree removal, is handled with a level of skill and expertise that only certified training can provide. Expertise isn't claimed, it's certified.

Let our work speak for ourselves

Frequently Asked Questions

Each job is different so it is hard to give an exact hourly rate. I always try and ensure my prices are fair and reasonable.

Of course, you can keep the wood or it can be taken away.

How long is a piece of string? If you need the work doing by a certain time I will try my best to fit it in and work around you. But each tree and work environment are different so it can take as little as an hour for some and days for other.